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  1. What is a cookie?
    A cookie is a small text file which is stored in user’s computer. it allows us (PIXXOR (Thailand) Co., Ltd.) to collect data regarding visitor browsing history.
  2. Benefit of cookies
    Cookie allow website to provide better experience to meet customer’s needs in the future. This information will be exclusively used by PIXXOR (Thailand) Co., Ltd., so data is non-transferable
    Cookies will recognize website. Website will retrieve previous setting every time users. if are browsing cookies are deleted. All setting will return to its default state.
  3. Cookies are harmless to computer
    Cookies sole purpose is to collect data into files only.
  4. What cookies do not gather?
    Cookies do not collect information regarding your personal details such as mobile phone number or your date of birth. To gather gathering of information more than declare, website priory regime customers is consent.
  5. How to disable cookies?
    Customers can disable cookies by visiting browser settings and configure privacy settings to restrict any future collection of cookies.

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