Service of Pixxor is the key of our Company.
We provide professional technicians to take care all customers
by considering rapidness, quality and facilitation for customers.

“PIXXOR” realizes that, other than good quality of products and reasonable prices, one important thing that efficiently drives business operations of customers and the Company is the excellent after-sale service which allows your business to be operated smoothly and effectively. With over 20 years of experience in IT business of our Company‟s executive team and their extreme effort and dedication to the marketing, you can be assured that “PIXXOR” will not be only the brand focusing on short-term sales, but also pays attention to develop its business to be acceptable from general users sustainably in the long run.


“PIXXOR”selects qualified teams and creates professional performances so that your organization can operate businesses smoothly and effectively.


“PIXXOR”sets the clear and systemic operation system, providing good foundation for creating networks to expand its business. That‟s why we are able to expand our business worldwide.


“PIXXOR”offers fast and quality services. We can take action to respond to customers within 4 hours, access to the site within 24 hours, and provide secondary printers to customers for their constant and smooth operations.


“PIXXOR”ไapplies new innovations to its operations for the efficiency and the excellence of services, focusing on customer satisfaction in long term.


“PIXXOR”has the clear direction of services on product warranty and satisfaction and after-sales service, allowing us to receive opportunities and trustworthy from customers.


“Pixxor's”products are certified by environmental standards which will not affect or cause any hazards from the use.


We focus on smooth operations of customers‟ companies. This is the reason why leading companies trust in our services. “Respond to customers within 4 hours, access to the site within 24 hours, create excellence of services”

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