We have a management team that never stops working. Create new innovative works and think about development.
to be used in work Create quality work and service

PIXXOR brings the ISO 9001 (Quality Management System: QMS)system into use in its work. The ISO 9001 system is a standard that business organizations around the world give importance to and is internationally accepted. Because it is a quality system standard that oversees both design and develop production Installation and service This indicates the quality and good efficiency of operations within the organization. There will be control and inspection at every step. To strengthen confidence among customers and organizations

Benefits received outside the organization

•Customers have confidence in our products and services.
•Management is internationally recognized.
•Increase competitive potential

Benefits received within the organization

•Product quality is consistently good and continually improved.
•There is an information system for more accurate decision making.
•Increased efficiency and effectiveness in work

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